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Rare Species and Conservation
Rare Species:
Greater Vasa Parrots     
   by Laurella Desborough

Quetzals in Aviculture

Importing Birds:
Finches from Tokyo  by Michael Marcotrigiano (1999) NFSS Webpage
Information about Pyrrhura Breeding Consortiums
International Parrotlet Society Cooperative Breeding Program
Exotic Bird Management in Australia
Passerine Management in Australia
Threatened Species in Austrailian Aviculture by Graeme Phipps
Monitoring the Brazilian Rainforest by Satellite
Attwater's Prairie Chickens down to supposed 30 individuals in the wild

Whooping Cranes to Follow Ultralight Migration

Parrot Poaching  
Comments on the Conservation Biology Study of Parrot Poaching
from National Public Radio
It's become clear for the first time that at least a dozen parrot species are threatened with extinction in the wild. As NPR's John Nielsen reports, a new study shows that parrot poaching has become a serious threat to the birds' survival out of captivity. (4:30)

Natives Stop Hunting Hornbills for Their Beaks  

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