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This article was previously published in Bird Breeder magazine and is reprinted here with permission of the author.
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Legislative Updates - Colorado, Dec. 1997
by Laurella Desborough

Proposed Changes to Colorado Regulations on Exotic Birds
These regulations are enforced under the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Present law requires that a license be obtained if you sell thirty (30) or more psittacines of any kind. The present license fee is $50.

Proposed changes are as follows:
Psittacine subclassification (1): Common psittacines are noted as budgerigars, cockatiels and lovebirds. Psittacine subclassification (2): Uncommon psittacines are all other psittacines not listed under common psittacines.

Persons who transfer more than 30 birds per year whose total number of birds transferred represents only one classification, shall pay only the fee set for that specific classification or subclassification. Persons who transfer more than 30 birds per year who transferred 10 or more birds from the uncommon psittacine sub-classification shall pay the fee for psittacine subclassification (2). The present license fee of $50 will be increased to $100 for Psittacine subclassification (2).

Bird breeders will be limited in the selling of unweaned babies to state-licensed pet stores or to state-licensed breeders. Restrictions would be placed on the sale of unweaned babies to the general public: Baby birds can be sold to the general public only if the birds are perching and can maintain their body heat; the birds must be accompanied with instructions and certifications.

These proposed changes to the regulations are not finalized and are still under discussion. For further information contact Carol Brasaemle, Colorado state coordinator for the American Federation of Aviculture; (303) 420-0782, or send an e-mail to