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Return of Census Form
Please mail completed forms to:
The American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
P.O. Box 56218,
Phoenix, Arizona 85079

Number of Persons participating on this Census form?__________(Please participate in only one Census, either as a group, or individually)

Part I: The following chart contains a partial list of avian species now listed under Appendix I of CITES. Please provide the numbers you possessed on December 31, 2000 of each species, and the number of offspring you have produced from these birds.

Explanation of Categories: In column (2) marked “# of males” please enter the total number of male birds of the given species that you still maintain at your aviary or home even if you plan to sell them later. Repeat for Column (3) # of females. In column (4) marked “Unknown Sex” add any birds of the species that you have not had sexed that will eventually be breeding stock or will be sold later. In Column (5) “Captive-bred” column, place the number that represents the total number of the first three columns where you know the birds were hatched in captivity (i.e.: not taken from the wild or imported as wild-caught prior to 1992). In Columns (6) and (7), enter the number of chicks you have raised from all the birds of the species you reported in Columns (2) (3) and (4) that you no longer possess, but have sold or transferred. In Column (8) State whether you are producing second generation captive-bred birds of the species….(i.e.; both parents are captive-bred birds here in the US or abroad).

(2) # of Males
(Breeding Stock or held for breeding)
(3) # of Females
(Breeding Stock or held for breeding)
(4) # Unknown Sex (Breeding Stock or babies held for later breeding)
(5) How many birds in columns (2,3,4) are Captive-Bred Birds
(6) Offspring Produced 1999 (from columns 2,3,4) that you have sold or transferred out of your aviary.
(7) Offspring Produced 2000 (from columns 2,3,4) that you have sold or transferred out of your aviary.
(8) Are you breeding Second Generation Birds? (F2)
Scarlet Macaw

Military Macaw

Buffon’s Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

Caninde (Blue-throated) Macaw

Illiger’s Macaw

Red-fronted macaw

Thick-billed Parrot

Salmon-crested (MoluccanCockatoo)
Goffin’s Cockatoo

Palm Cockatoo

Red-vented Cockatoo

Golden-shouldered (Hooded Parakeet)
Green-cheeked Amazon
Red-Browed Amazon

Yellow-Shouldered Amazon
Vinaceous Amazon

Cuban, Isle of Pines Amazon
Note: Common names were used so as to eliminate confusion over the species being reported.
All names used are as they appear in Parrots of the World, by Joseph Forshaw.                     

Part II: Identification (Use of Name or Aviary Name is Optional)

    Name and Address: (Optional): ___________________________________________

    Or; Designed Breeder Code for ID purposes (See Instructions):_________________________

    If a Club Census: Name of Club Surveyed and State _________________________________________
    Number of persons participating that already possess a Captive-bred Wildlife Permit (CBW) from the USFWS___________

Note: Persons providing a name or address will receive a “free” copy of the census results once the report is compiled. This report may assist with local or State legislative matters when dealing with Endangered Species issues.