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Cage and Aviary Design

Design Your Own
An Albert Robida City of the Future
The thing with aviculture, you know, is that you never have enough room. If you need more buildings - for indoor aviaries and flights, storage, green-houses, storefront, garden sheds, etc., you might consider building your own.   A little place to sell your excess organic produce and herbs?  A studio for making toys or painting pictures of your birds?

One option is to design your building using either true CAD or CAD type software.  Punch! Software has some software that will blow your socks off for ease of use, capabilities and price.

I bought Super Home Suite last year and used it to redesign my modular home before having it built.  Besides easy to use features for the floor plan (door, window, roof, flooring, three floors to work on), there's a 3D virtual capability where you can specify the height of the guy walking through the building or on the lot, or you can fly around in a little helicopter.  Then you can make the pictures wide or narrow angle and save your pictures as bitmaps.  

Here's a potential aviary building I just touched up a few minutes ago.  All kinds of textures and colors are included.  Just drag and drop.

Inside a flight

On the right is a view from one flight through another to the outside.

Landscaping options are also included, with options to view your landscaping as it grows.  Very cool and very practical.  So many features you just won't believe it.

Check out the frame version of the same little building.  The estimator feature will give you the header and truss info.

There are lots of big extras: a furniture workshop, a construction cost estimator and 3D model maker are included in Super Home Suites.  Frequent free upgrades and devoted customers also share their own furniture and accoutrement designs.  

Giant recommendation!

Super Home Suite is sold from the Punch! Software site for $69.99.

Buy Plans

Here are a few building plan sites (both of these come from the same architect)  that you might want to drool over.  I have never seen these plans, but they are very reasonable.