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bird mag dot comThe Business of Aviculture
Organizations, Laws & Addresses    
Specialty and State by State, Includes State Laws and Business Information



Tax Issues for Aviculturists

Preparing for the Future:
Estate Planning, Fire, Alarm Systems, Disaster, Evacuation

Cage and Aviary Design    
Design and Build Your Own Aviaries

Writing Care Brochures for Pet Birds    

Bird Purchasing Etiquette
by Joan Belanger

Check your Bird's ID    
Import & Domestic Bands, Microchips    

Food Safety Resources

Pest Control Resources

Avian Illnesses in the Wild

Heavy Metals and Other Toxins     

Tools     F to C to F converter,
Feet /Inch/mm,  Brick Calculator

Join the AFA

Model Aviculture Program

Aviculture Microbiology