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The AFA Position and the Survey
American Federation of Aviculture Inc.
United States Endangered Species Act/CITES Appendix I Listed Species
February 2001
Introduction: A mandatory five-year review of the U.S. Endangered Species Act (USESA) is being accomplished at this time. The following survey of breeders and holders of CITES Appendix I species is necessary in order for the AFA to gather needed data and provide input on possible upcoming legislative matters.

This data is being used to assist the AFA in establishing which CITES Appendix I species are present in U.S. aviculture in large enough numbers to constitute a “self-sustaining, captive population of the species. If the current species listed on CITES Appendix I are uplisted under the United States Endangered Species Act (USESA), permits will be required for breeders to sell or barter across a State line.

No permits will be issued [Note: if the change is implemented] for sales as “pet birds” as this is inconsistent with the intent of the USESA. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has demonstrated that it has some “discretion” to suspend permit requirements under the USESA when they removed permitting requirements for the Neophema family of parakeets and certain pheasant species. This census will provide the data required for the AFA and other avicultural groups to request the same suspension of permit requirements if CITES Appendix I species are eventually listed under the USESA. To ignore this census will only work against you as an aviculturist.

Background: During the public comment period with regard to the five year review of the Endangered Species Act, and prior to this time, several organizations have “suggested” that all parrot species now listed on CITES Appendix I, (Endangered and Threatened) be included on the United States Endangered Species Act. If listed, any commerce with listed species, across a State line, will require permits from the USFWS. In other words, unless you want to register with the USFWS, you will not be permitted to sell, barter, or trade in listed avian species out of the State in which you live.

Security Precautions: Because security is a huge concern when disclosing information about the birds you keep, this survey is designed to provide complete anonymity where desired. Your name and address is NOT required to complete this survey. However, if provided, all data is to be consolidated into one report, and that report will not include any personal data. As a matter of fact, one survey can be completed that includes the data from an entire Bird Club or organization. Please read the instructions carefully to avoid any confusion. Anyone desiring a copy of the final statistics and tally should provide a name and address where it can be sent from the AFA office.

For individual census, you can assign yourself a “Breeder Code” instead of using your name. This code can be alphabetic, numeric, or a combination of the two. Make the code something that you can remember so you can use it on any future surveys (some people use the same code that they print on their leg bands). This will assist us in assessing duplicate reporting in the future. Sample Breeder Code could be: (JORD-TX). Try to include your two digit State abbreviation within the code.

For Clubs or Group Surveys take a show of hands and add up the numbers reported by the group, or duplicate the census forms and give each member a copy to complete. For group census, enter the numbers in the corresponding category for the entire group or club. Please be sure to tell all participants that if they plan to do a personal census, not to participate in the group collection of data. We must make all attempts not to duplicate information. We ask that you please provide the name of the bird club or organization that is gathering the information. This will not appear on the report generated by this information and data. Please include the State where the club is located.

Return of Census Forms:
Please mail completed forms to:
The American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
P.O. Box 56218,
Phoenix, Arizona 85079

Please contact the representative of the AFA in your region if you are a member who did not receive the census, if you have questions or if you are not an AFA member but have one or more CITES I birds to report to the survey.